Qigong – Three Circle is Powerful & Simple

Three circle Qigong is so simple yet gives such great rewards for your efforts…and helps clear the sinuses as well.

Last night in our Tai chi class a cool change was moving through, my sinuses are quite sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, so I decided that a little Three Circle Qigong was in order to see if it would help. You see I had noticed many years ago that this particular qigong would 9 times out of 10 clear my sinuses  without any need to resort to pharmaceutical remedies.

You may be asking yourself if it takes years of practice to achieve such miraculous results from Three Circle Qigong…well thankfully no, it only takes a little time with a knowledgable instructor… a little tweak here and there. Having a nice place for Qigong is not even necessary…it is nice though. The picture to the right is my favourite Qigong Place. Now I’m not saying that Qigong will clear up all sorts of hay fever and sinus trouble but it is worth a try…if nothing else you will be getting some postural correction. We have said that nothing is easy in Tai chi…”we just make the difficult look easy” but this qigong is relatively easy for a beginner to get right. Remember Tai chi requires Effort to gain any benefit.

Here is a simple instruction guide of Three Circle Qigong by Master Erle Montaigue.

So how did you go??? Did you give it a try…well if you want to come in for a few corrections, try our Tai chi classes for this, other fun things and more mischief we get up to.

OH… by the way the reason we wrote this article was one of our beginners was so excited that her sinuses cleared whilst doing Three Circle Qigong in class we had to let you in on the Secret. We love it when our students discover the secrets all by themselves. Tai chi classes should be about discovering lots of little things in a fun environment…health and Self defence are serious issues but we can address them with fun and games.

As a Podiatrist we often get asked the question…”Why does this happen”? and often we can give a good answer that is backed by science, other times we have  no answer. Over the last 25 plus years as a Health Professional we have experienced many changes, some theories and treatments have been proven others have been found to be false. As for the benefits of Tai chi and Qigong science is finding some claims to be true and others to be wildly fanciful…all you have to do is make sure you have an experienced instructor that is not going to do more harm than good. Keep doing the things that make you feel good…then wait till the science catches up to what you already know. When Tai chi is wrapped in Silk to get you to believe that some of the benefits come from the clothes you wear rather than what you are doing…do you worry that it may be all show.

Qigong - Three Circle

Keep an open mind…there are benefits without all the show, science will catch up and you can continue doing what works. Come to our Tai chi classes while you are waiting for science to catch up…you’ll be miles ahead.