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I think I need Orthotics

Do you need orthotics? Foot orthotics seem to be promoted as the cure all for every condition known to man. Now of days people come in with the idea that they need orthotics to fix their feet and everything else…without even knowing what is causing…

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…a Universal wish I was talking to a young man in India about concentration in relation to Tai chi and the internal martial arts…before we knew it we were discussing the challenges of life. Like so many of us he could only see the shipwreck…

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Self Image is the Prize

Self Image…one of the Pillars Self image is a cornerstone to our wellbeing…it needs to find balance with our Conscious and our Subconscious minds. We can delude ourselves that everything is rock solid, then a pressure situation arises and we crumble like a deck of…

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Heel Pain…Oh it hurts!!!

Heel Pain is a very common complaint It’s a good bet whenever a nurse stops me to ask a personal question…we are going to be talking about heel pain. I’ve had it so I know it hurts…Heel pain comes in all shapes and sizes with…

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Barefoot Running…tread carefully

The Barefoot running debate…or non-debate. Have a look at a video on Barefoot running then continue reading…   Like most trends the arguments can get a little emotional on either side of the fence so let’s talk about what is important to you. Most Podiatrists have…

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