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Foam Roller Before or After Exercise

Foam Roller Therapy is one of our Secret weapons in the Podiatry clinic for the Treatment of Foot Pain and Leg Pain. Personal use of the foam roller can make you an instant fan of the treatment for muscle aches and pains…don’t over do it…

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Corns Gone in 5 Days or Money Back

Podiatrists don’t make claims for Corns like this because they are misleading…you will see advertising like this in some countries but we think it is better to give you the Whole Picture so you can decide what corn treatment is best for you. We understand…

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Chiropodist Podiatrist what is the difference

Chiropodist Podiatrist is no real difference it all depends what Country you are from When I first started Podiatry times were changing in a big way. My tertiary qualification was Podiatry but the professional registration board in Queensland was still the Chiropodist Board of Registration….

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How much does a Podiatrist Cost

Podiatry Clinics should Reveal Cost of Podiatry Treatment Most health professionals don’t like displaying the cost of Podiatrist visit or explain what is included with the consultation. They claim it may prevent the patient from making an appointment if they know the cost upfront and…

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Finding a Podiatrist

…when you need Foot care Finding the right podiatrist for you can be simple when you use a very short check list. Don’t waste your precious time by going to the wrong podiatrist. Some clinics only have special interests in sports related injuries and no longer…

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