Diabetes and Foot related complications

Diabetes Australia…is the Government listening and will they provide Foot care

Diabetes Australia is trying to get the Government’s ear on Diabetes, so to the Australian Podiatry Association, lobbying the Government for greater access to Medicare supplemented visits for chronic conditions like Diabetes…are they listening, do they care.

“We continue to see more than 275 new cases of diabetes develop every day in Australia and we must take more serious and sustained action to help prevent this. By developing policies that can help prevent diabetes we can assist governments to focus on initiatives that address the oncoming expensive health crisis,” Diabetes Australia Chief Executive Officer Lewis Kaplan.

The person that cares the Most…should be the person with Diabetes. Often though you are overwhelmed with all the information when you are newly Diagnosed with Diabetes. Foot care is important for the person with Diabetes and you need to know why and your chances of complications.

We have been providing assessment and education for people diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 Diabetes for over 25 years and the other day I was asked if I thought it all a waste of my time. My quick response was…NO!!!!

We were part of a Government pilot program in Bundaberg back in the early 1990’s supplying support and education for Diabetes and Foot related complications…sadly no simple cure then or now. We still chip away at the many Myths surrounding Diabetic foot complications, supplying help, guidance and Treatment for the person with concerns about Diabetes and their feet.

No we don’t think foot care for Diabetes is a waste of time…neither should you.

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