Barefoot Running…tread carefully

The Barefoot running debate…or non-debate.

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Like most trends the arguments can get a little emotional on either side of the fence so let’s talk about what is important to you. Most Podiatrists have no issue with running barefoot as long as you are fully informed and not swayed by poor science. The addition of a barefoot drill in any athletes program is most likely beneficial. The boffins get their nose out of joint when pseudo science is used to support some claims for apparent financial gains.

I don’t really care about the Boffins do you?

Let’s just say you want to do some barefoot running for the fun of it but you are now a little concerned because of all the talk of injuries associated with barefoot running.

Here is what you need to know…


  • Yes running clinics around the world are reporting an increase in running injuries due to barefoot running. Click here for more
  • Can you safely try a barefoot running program…yes you can.
  • Use a bit of common sense and follow these 7 helpful hints.
  1. Start slow…all new activities should begin with a reduced load, remember you’re testing the waters.

  2. Don’t try barefoot running when you are already fatigued. You want good form. Run with your natural stride don’t try something new out of a book.

  3. Choose familiar safe terrain to experiment…maybe a local park that you may walk first to warm up, checking for dangers.

  4. If you have any health issues like Diabetes this is not for you.

  5. Running through the pain is no fun …so listen to your body.

  6. If in doubt you may wish to have a chat to your Podiatrist to set you on the right track.

  7. You may wish to try a supplementary training program with some of the minimalist shoes that are on the market rather than go the whole barefoot experience first up.


Barefoot running shouldn’t be about you following the herd and spending time on crutches with a stress fracture or worse.

Have fun…it’s meant to be good for you.

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