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Sunshine Coast Podiatry Tai Chi Qi Gong

Tai chi – teaches you in waves

Tai chi teaches the Mind and Body, your instructor must know the whole story so they can translate for you.  Tai chi is one of those activities you can float across the surface or dive deep, plucking the treasures from the bottom. The wave is…

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Qigong – Three Circle is Powerful & Simple

Three circle Qigong is so simple yet gives such great rewards for your efforts…and helps clear the sinuses as well. Last night in our Tai chi class a cool change was moving through, my sinuses are quite sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, so I…

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Tai chi is it right for me

Tai chi has truly wonderful benefits both as a Self Defence Art and for Self Healing, if only people were made aware of the important secret ingredient – Effort. Now Tai chi is not for everybody and if we have said this once we have…

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Foot Cream your Podiatrist Recommends

Why use a Foot Cream & which one? Foot cream is a product we all know we should use on our Dry Cracked heels…but which one. Some foot creams are so messy you avoid using them and others you wonder whether they are full of…

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Diabetes and Foot related complications

Diabetes Australia…is the Government listening and will they provide Foot care Diabetes Australia is trying to get the Government’s ear on Diabetes, so to the Australian Podiatry Association, lobbying the Government for greater access to Medicare supplemented visits for chronic conditions like Diabetes…are they listening,…

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